SingHaiYi Group is a well-established company with extensive expertise in the development of properties, investments, as well as property management. SingHaiyi’s sole mission is to ensure property investors benefit greatly in shareholding property opportunities while developments of the properties take place. This includes implementing completely sustainable assets growth.

The real estate company’s success is attributed to two men who have many years of experience in the fields of business, real estate development, and investments. Their properties portfolio is not just about residential and commercial real estate. It also includes retail sectors too.

The idea behind all these fields of investments was to create a diverse portfolio which would showcase the successful growth of sustainable development through proven strategies.

The Starting Point of SingHaiyi Group Ltd

Headquartered in Singapore, SingHaiYi Group success is seen in countries all over the world, namely the United States of America, Australia, and Malaysia. There are unfolding potential prospects of the further company expansion into other countries.

Besides SingHaiYi Group real estate developments in several sectors, their property investments are based on strong growth strategies such as the Acquisition Enhancement Initiatives and Acquisitions. This has allowed them to build a vast shareholders and properties investment portfolio. This has also had a strong influence on their stark reputation for their property management expertise.

What highly distinguishes this company from the rest of real estate companies today is how fervent they are in maintaining sustainable growth in every aspect of their business and services provided to investors.

The Successful Growth of SingHaiyi Group Ltd

In November of 2011, the company developed their first property in Singapore called the Launches Charlton Residences. SingHaiYi Group then expanded their successful business opportunities to the United States of America when they made their first property investment in Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. The investment, made in 2013, was in the Tri-County Mall. Malaysia welcomed the real estate company’s plans to invest in 2015 which proved highly successful.

SingHaiyi Group Ltd was awarded the BCA Green Mark for Vales in 2016. Up until 2018, the company has and will always continue to grow from strength to strength. By providing superior services to the real estate sector in proven strategic assets growth, property development, and investments.

SingHaYi Group Company Sustainability

The real estate market has always been a tough market to either break into and make it successfully and continue that success. With integrity, tenacity, and pure determination, it is no wonder SingHaiYi Group has established themselves in such a way that proves sustainability in the development and investments of properties is the way forward.