Maris Stella High School

The Maris Stella is a government-funded school majorly for boys. It is a Catholic school that has both primary and secondary sections. A couple of years ago, the Singaporean government came up with a plan to help high schools in Singapore known as the Special Assistance Plan. Eleven schools were chosen and Maris Stella High School was among them. Located at Mount Venon Road, the school is run by the International Marist Brothers who have so far proven to be capable and effective in running the school.

Maris Stella High School Near to Bartley MRT Station

Maris Stella High School was founded in 1958 by the Marist Brothers. At that time, there was overwhelming admission at Catholic High School. The Marist Brothers made everything easy by coming up with a school that served the same purpose as the Catholic High School. This way, thy reduced the overwhelming admission at Catholic as people began enrolling their children at Maris Stella.

The school started with about eleven teachers running both the primary and the secondary section. During this time, all the academic lessons were done at St Stephens School in Siglap. Between 1963 and 1963, the institution was being operated on different premises. This hindered academic operations as the rate of enrollment went up and most of the places were far apart. Despite all the problems the school faced, the students were still able to shine all the government exams. The good thing about Maris Stella High School is that it is located near to many residential developments including the near freehold development The Gazania at Bartley MRT Station

Maris Stella High School History

Around October 22nd, 1966, Marie Stella was able to get a permanent campus at the Mount Venon Road and since then, this has been the school’s location. The first phase of the school was built in 1966 with fifteen classrooms and four-storey science block. In 1969, the second phase of the school was completed with. It consisted of:

• Administration block

• Auditorium

Maris Stella High School SAP Status

The year 1974, the school launched its expansion plan. The primary section got a new five-story building and by 11th September 1976, the new building was open for use. The school was selected for the SAP program in 1978. A year later, it received the first batch of Special Stream Students.

The school also managed to acquire another 3.11 hectares for the primary section in 1982. The population of the school was rapidly growing therefore and expansion was overdue. They were finally able to split the primary and secondary sections to enable separate functioning.

1996 saw the school becoming an autonomous school. The additional funding from the government enabled the school to provide extra
facilities and even programs.

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