Bartley Road Located Near to Bartley MRT Station

Bartley Road is located In Singapore and it extends from the Upper Serangoon Road to the Tampines Avenue 10 which are located in the same country. This road was well constructed and it covered a distance of 5.8 kilometers in length. This road passes through several joints and they include; Paya Lebar, Defu, Serangoon, Bartley, Bedok Reservoir and Kaki Bukit. These many joints help the road users in getting into a variety of destinations. There are bus services that operate along this road and carry the passengers to different destinations that are located on this route. The bus services are 158, 93 and 28 and operate between Upper Paya Lebar Road up to Upper Serangoon Rod which is located within Singapore. For that reason, any expected buying owing to the effect of the displacement will already have happened before the period of the 2019 sales which means that this effect will not boost any sales for 2019.

Bartley Road Located Off Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 and Upper Paya Lebar Road

There are three different splits on Bartley Road that are located in Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 and in Upper Paya Lebar Road. These sections were originally Paya Lebar Viaduct, Bartley Road and Bartley Road East which was also known as Kaki Bukit Viaduct Road. There is a part on the Bartley Road which is a part of the Outer Ring Road System and it covers a distance of 1.5 Kilometers. The original stretch of this road extends from the upper Serangoon Road to Upper Payar Lebar Road that makes it easier for this road users to be able to use this road. Bartley Road is located near to How Sun Drive which entrance of The Gazania SingHaiYi Properties that is the former Sun Rosier Enbloc.

Bartley Road Leading to Barley MRT Station and Paya Lebar Road

Payar Lebar Viaduct section which is still located on this route extends from Payar Lebar Road to Airport Road covering a distance of 2.2 kilometers. This makes easier for people wishing to travel to the airport using the Bartley Road. There is also a four-lane carriageway long viaduct above this road and extends to 1.3 kilometers and helps in reducing traffic on this road for the road users. Kaki Bukit Viaduct or the Bartley which has a distance of 2.1 kilometers is a viaduct that starts at the Kaki Bukit Avenue 4. This Kaki Bukit Viaduct then ends at the junction of Bedok Reservoir and at the Tampines Avenue 10. This road was opened on 30th December 2003 and motorists and pedestrians started to operate on it same day.

Bartley Road Extension Leading to Serangoon Road and Tampines Road

Bartley Road Extension Project lasted for ten years where it began in December 2000 and the engineers were able to complete this project on 17th January 2010. This project comprised the construction of new roads that would connect Upper Serangoon Road and Tampines Avenue 10 by the use of two viaducts. When this project is complete it will provide direct links from Upper Serangoon Road to Tampines and this will help in reducing the heavy traffic that is experienced along Bedok Reservoir Road and the Pan-Island Expressway during the peak hours. This project will also help in saving about 10 minutes time spend traveling on this route and also reduce the distance with an average length of 500 meters.

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