Circle Line Through Bartley MRT Station

Basically, this refers to the Circle Line Mass Rapid Transit line in short the Circle Line MRT that is located in Singapore. It used to be called the Laluan MRT Bulatan which was its native name. The idea was first conceived by the Communications and Information Minister Dr. Yeo Ning Hong in the 1980s. This was a prompted need for transport when the population reached a feasible 4 million. It is the first medium capacity and third to be opened after North South Line and the East West line. It is all underground with a total number of stations being 30 all also being underground. It basically is an orbital route that links all radial routes leading the capital.

Circle Line MRT Automated and Driverless

The Circle MRT is the second to be automated and driverless. It reaches a speed limit of 78 km/h for safety reasons. As of May 2015, the line registered a rider membership of about 398000. Dhoby Gaut and Marina Bay are its termini and the line runs from there to Harbour Front which is to the South. There is a line between Marina Bay and Stadium which is used as a shuttle in off-peak hours. The circle line also passes through the mature estate of Bishan and Bartley which namely Bishan MRT Station and Bartley MRT Station.

Including its technical details is that the line runs a full length of 35.5 km with 30 stations. It has its track gauge at 1,435 mm and its electrification being 750V DC Third Rail. It takes about one full hour for you to travel the full length of the entire line. The circle line passes through. The Circle Line also pass through the new development The Gazania which is located at Bartley MRT Station.

Circle Line Through MRT Stations in Bartley and Bishan

Let us now talk about its rolling stock. The line has 40 Alstom Metropolis C380 trains which run in three-car formation and this constitutes its running stock. All of them are stationed at Kim Chuan depot. This depot was the largest in the world when it opened in 2009. In addition, by the end of the month of July in 2014, some 24 new trains of the same type named earlier were acquired and they all began working on 26th of June the following year 2015. To effectively conduct its operations, the line relies upon an automated system which is a continuous two -way digital.

Train Speeds at Circle Line


Such as a system requires some mode of train control. The Circle Line MRT has Alstom Urbalis 300 communications-based train control in initials CBTC moving block system. The automatic train control is under the Automatic Train Operation GoA 4. To govern its speed, there is an automatic train protection and to schedule and track the trains there is the provision of Automatic Train Supervision. All these modes of train control render it completely driverless.

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